Dale Tiffany 2 Piece Baby Elephant Figurine

Warm and whimsical, our 2 PC set of baby elephant heads will delight everyone from the young to young at heart. Each piece begins with a base of clear glass that defines the features of the elephants from their flapping ears to their budding tusks to the tips of their trunks. Embedded within the clear glass is a glistening mixture of amber and golden glitter, which is designed to capture the light and reflect it back in a shower of sparkles. Bold black brushstrokes highlight each piece for an extra element of texture. A perfect gift for the animal lover, each of these playful pachyderms is delightful when displayed on its own on a curio shelf, book case, desk or end table. Try pairing them together for a unified look that will delight your family and friends for generations to come.

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